2009 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Throttle does not respond right and it stalls on me randomly Spent over $2000 on it already brought it to two different mechanics one serviced the motorcycle new plugs agusted values changed air filter the second took it apart and did compression test on lower and high passed evething found the new plugs were fouled and then found that a mouse had gotten in the throttle body and fouled that up to and chewed away at lots of wires so we replaced throttle body with a used one and new wire harness for throttle body. After all that and more than $2500 it still stalls out on me more often now when I brake.

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07 May, 2018

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Hi, Sebastian, could be a throttle position sensor adjustment, if you take your bike to a reputable independent shop or a "Shade Tree Mechanic" for a specific issue that costs outrageous amounts of money and weeks of not being able to ride only to have the same problem 2 days later your situation is not unique, unfortunately, and it is a double-edged sword. First, you suffer the emotional stress and frustration of spending all your hard earned "Drachma" and your bike does not get fixed. Second, comes the realization that not only are the technicians incompetent but also the service manager or owner for not doing anything about it, this isn't rocket science, it's a glorified lawn mower engine with extra cylinders and carburetors sometimes. Shops know that if they keep your bike a long time and there is an issue a few days later, some customers are reluctant to go back to that shop because they don't want their bike tied up for another 3 or 4 weeks and go someplace else and spend more hard earned "DRACHMA". You need to put an end to all the double talk, dancing around the issue, and a "we don't care attitude", but how you ask, very simple you exercise the "nuclear option" Most reputable shops offer a 30-day guarantee on parts and labor and by law you are required to go back to the shop and give them the opportunity to make it right in a reasonable length of time (2 weeks). If your issue is not resolved ask to speak to the owner or manager if the owner is not there and inform them you have no other recourse but to take them to small claims court. I guarantee you that is all the grease you need to get someone to light a fire under the proper persons rear end to resolve your issue "toot sweet"
Please email me a copy of your original work order to xlch@mail.com so I can advise you on how to file your claim and help you through the entire process. My name is Gregg Mahin I have almost 50 years experience as a professional motorcycle technician and I love doing battle with incompetence. I have helped many riders reach a favorable conclusion in these types of situations
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