Hi I'm new to this and looking for help , 2009 Chrysler town and country grand voyager rear doors and interior lights don't work from roof console . No child locks are on ,doors work with key and buttons on side pillar ,the on off switch on roof console has been tried in both positions still nothing , The interior lights on console and along roof were dvd and storage are won't come on tried pressing them in still nothing ,doors open nothing ,tried the round switch next to steering wheel and little button the trunk light and door lights will come on but no courtesy lights in roof .looked inside roof console were switches are all look ok , I don't know if something has been disconnected or I'm missing anything ,would be much appreciated if anyone knows something about this before I start trying to take panels off. Thanks

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10 Feb, 2018

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sorry no idea not the common vehicle on spanish roads although they are here as well ,i think a mult`plug is loose but where ? you may be better off taking it to a dealer as one of there mechanics will surely have had this problem before so it could be cheaper in the long run
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