Rover 75 estate 2.0 diesel cdti developed a slapping knocking noise passenger side front,drive shaft changed for a new one, still making same noise and it only starts when i get to 25-30 miles an hour

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If it isn't something caught in the wheel well thats flapping, it will be something going on between the gearbox and the wheels. Here's a few things to look at.
Check all your wheel nuts are the correct tightness. Get the front tyres checked to make sure they are undamaged, balanced and the tracking is set correctly. Have the brake discs checked to see if they are warped or damaged.
Have the whole front suspension looked at as it could be a worn ball joint or a loose bolt. One final option is a worn wheel bearing. If it is none of these then your going to need to get a gearbox specialist to look at it.
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