How does one add internal storage to a Z5ZTE Android 6.0.1? The only apps on phone are ZTE/Droid/Google preinstalled apps & yet I'm out of space! I don't have single thing stored on this piece of junk! Now, ALL ZTE apps need updated but I can't do that either due to being out of storage space! ZTE won't allow SD micro to be formatted for internal storage it seems, even tho phone only 8g to begin with & they took up 7.6g with bull*$+! apps! Somebody help please!

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17 Dec, 2017

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You can't add more storage. Apps are getting bigger. My iPhone has 128GB storage. The only way to make more space is to delete images, videos and apps. In reality you need a new phone. I would do a Hard Reset, which scrubs everything clean and reloads the operating system. It may free up space that is hidden.
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