Sharp TV model lc-60le640u Symptoms: after switch on..... short blink and then long blink in white color. i pushed Power and then plugged in the power, the LED stays ON white color for 30 sec and then there is a flash on the screen then the LED starts flashing again in same fashion. I have checked the the electrolytic caps all are ok, 470 Uf i had doubt, so i removed and checked, but all found ok. 12 VDC ABSENT 5 Vdc ok further i couldnt check, it already tool me 8 hrs for all these process. what is the LED work voltage to check by injecting external power. what can be other causes.

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Unplug set, press and hold (on set) volume-down and channel-down and hold them while pluging in set. Will come on with "k" on screen, or will crash again if backlight bad. If it stays on, use your remote and arrow right then look for "fact init" and any other reset and turn them on. Arrow back up to "fact init" and hit enter. Let set recycle to green and unplug/re-plug in 5 seconds: the set should be in OOB state'
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