Have a GE DSS25JFPHWW that does not get cold enough. At coldest settings fridge temp is 39 and freezer temp is 33. Compressor is working. What should we do? Have cleaned coils and replaced parts. Replaced defrost thermostat and 3 temp sensors. Purchased defrost timer but can't find where it is located so have not changed it.

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05 Mar, 2017

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I suggest you use a voltmeter to check whether the defrost panel is on all the time or just disconnect it for testing.

If the compressor is running and it doesn't get cold (with defrost definitely off) it indicates the refrigerant has leaked away. As a sort of double-check, if it is working and pumping refrigerant around, one of the pipes from the compressor will get quite hot and the condenser coils will grow warm.
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