Paraphrase for me? The touchscreen means that it does not need a mouse or a keyboard it can connect to the internet and it can run many of the programs that can be run on a larger computer. Here are a few examples: Blackberry, Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

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You think a touch-screen is an either / or device...that is only suitable for weeny teeny little devices...

I'M QUITE HAPPY to fiddle with the mouse in one hand
and sear my fingers all over the screen with the other...

Oh by the way... illuminated keyboard..
biggassed touch-pad... and 17 inch display..

I'm liking it...

Why must TOUCHSCREEN mean
mini-pads, maxi-pads & smart-fones...???

A hypothesis NOT WORTH "PARAPHRASING"...!!

Carnac the Magnificent "
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