Anyone know what to check and how to fix problem with 2011 Equinox with 2.4 ecotec engine? It's been having a rough start up and idle until its warmed up. Just recently had the high pressure fuel pump recall done and we also let them know we smell a burning smell from the vehicle almost like burnt oil and they couldn't smell it apparently. When it starts up it has a high pitch squeal real quick and then a lot of hesitation and then gets better the warmer the engine gets. I read somewhere that the camshaft position solenoid could fix this but wanted to make sure and see if anyone new a way or had questions how to diagnose and figure out the smell. I did check the oil level normal, oil smell very strong but didn't compare to anything else, oil color water black, last oil change and mileage next oil change due: 70230 / current mileage: 68238. After I looked hard under the vehicle I did see this black mass of what looked like grease and dirt because it was thick on the bottom under the motor whereas everything else was silver and somewhat clean that I have pictures of. Please help me out to diagnose and fix. This is our only family vehicle and another baby coming in two months! Thanks in advance for helping!

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07 Feb, 2017

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The black sludge on bottom of engine is burnt oil. Scrape it off and see if it builds up again. Could have a leaking oil pan gasket. I would change oil and have a engine cleaner used to remove engine sludge. I believe engine runs rough when cold is because of sludge buildup and when it gets warm the oil moves more freely
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