Need to reset password for apple id but when trying on line it wont go thru please send me a link that i can get into my account lindalehmann@wildblue is user name help

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12 Dec, 2016

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It can only be done online and no one is going to send you a link from Apple. We aren't Apple either, we just supply solutions and help to problems, in your case by having answered this before and by Googling your problem.

Now then, you user name is not 'lindalehmann@wildblue' because the domain suffix is missing from the end, .com .ca .net or whatever. Log in with full email address, and it must be the one you told Apple. Then click either Forgot Password, or if you know it and want to change it, 'Reset Password'.

Read all of these links and try again.

reset password for apple id Google Search
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