How do i know if i have the bobbin in right to embroidery on my brother se 400 could that be why the safety thing comes up when I tried to use it for the first time

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Your owner's manual should have specific instructions on how to load the bobbin in your machine. Be sure that you are using a bobbin specifically for your machine. Although bobbins sometimes appear to fit, if they are not engineered properly, you may experience issues.

Your manual should also have instructions of what to do if/when you see the "safety" warning. In my mind's eye, if there is a safety issue, something could be potentially dangerous with further attempted use of your item (thus the warning). That would be like trying to operate your car with an activated safety warning. Whatever could be malfunctioning may not be dangerous but why risk trying to use it if the result could a front wheel falling off, the brakes failing, etc.

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