How to replace starter switch assembly in 2001 pontiac bonneville

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04 Oct, 2016

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Starter switch ? You do mean ignition switch , the thing on the dash or steering column that you stick the key in ! You car not starting ? The ignition switch isn't the same anymore , sends Discrete Ignition Signals to a module ,in the case of your vehicle it is the DIM - dash integrated module.
The body control system consists of the following 3 modules:
The dash integration module (DIM)

The instrument panel integration module (IPM)

The rear integration module (RIM)

Each of the 3 body control modules integrate a number of functional systems under the control of a single module. Each of the modules are connected to the Class 2 serial data line; many control signals are implemented by Class 2 messages.
On vehicles that have several control modules connected by serial data circuits, one module is the power mode master (PMM). On this vehicle the PMM is the DIM. The PMM receives 4 signals from the ignition switch.
To determine the correct power mode the PMM uses the following circuits:
Accessory voltage

Ignition 1 voltage

Ignition 3 voltage

Off/Run/Crank voltage

Your best bet would be to take to a repair shop that has knowledge of this type system . You probably don't need an ignition switch.
Discrete Ignition Signals Those modules that have discrete ignition signal inputs also remain in the state dictated by the last valid PMM message received on the serial data circuits. They then check the state of their discrete ignition input to determine the current valid state. If the discrete ignition input is active, battery positive voltage, the modules will fail-safe to the RUN power mode. If the discrete ignition input is not active, open or 0 voltage, the modules will fail-safe to OFF-AWAKE. In this state the modules are constantly checking for a change status message on the serial data circuits and can respond to both local inputs and serial data inputs from other modules on the vehicle.

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