Generator wouldnt start so I changed the spark plug, it was trying 2 start. Took casing off n found 2 pipes fom carb not attached to anything

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17 Jul, 2016

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from the valve cover the two pushrods which include two rocker arms which are in the intake and exhaust valves of cylinder there is a pipe to the air filter, an other goes to the side of the valve cover.
If there is to low level oil in the motor then it will also not start .
the oil level must be half over the screw thread if you remove the oil cap, if it is full disconnect (be aware to do the next thing onlytemporarily) unslide the oil protection circuit if there is doubt.
Look at the spark for a good color and look that the carburetor have no clogged airfilter or have sludge inside the tankfilter fuel tap filter or foatchamber .
or nozzle .

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