My 2005 Malibu Max wipers work but the Windshield washer fluid motors do not for both the front and the rear. I believe the fuse is good. Is it likely that both pumps are shot? or is their a relay switch I should replace? How do I check this?

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02 Jun, 2016

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Pull the fuse and make sure it is good. This takes care of corrosion problems also. I doubt you have a washer solvent fuse. They usually run off the wiper motor fuse. If both the front and rear wipers run threw the turn signal switch, I would suspect the switch is bad. If not, I would check to hear them running, If so. Check for broken hoses. Have some hit the buttons and watch for solvent leaks. Could be a bad ground wire to them also. Both motors have the same ground, If the are in the same tank. Some vehicles have two solvent tanks.
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