My HTC cell phone will not turn on. I have charged it all night.

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29 Jun, 2015

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Previous answers regarding battery failure lead you to the mostly likely source of ypur problem. It most likely is as simple as a dirty contact, or a defunct charger or charging cable, or a shorted battery that can no longer be charged. On the other end of the spectrum: your phone itself may have died (a burned out circuit board, an internal short or open circuit, or another catastrophic failure) and cannot be fixed. Start checking, as previous posts indicate, at the simplest possible cause, and go down the list, in order:
1. Clean all contacts (use a clean pencil eraser, electrical Crocus paper, or a commercial contact cleaner).
2. Substitute a different/new charging cable (they very frequently fail).
3. Substitute a different/new charger (they, too, sometimes burn out).
4. Substitute a different/new battery.

Hopefully, you'll find the fix above to be simple and not very expensive.

But... If these attempts don't work, it is likely a failure of the phone itself, which would leave you with two expensive options: Have it repaired - which would probably cost more than the phone is worth - or replaced. Unless you have vital data on the phone that you have neglected to back up (!), replacement would be the no-brainer choice: your phone is probably due for an upgrade anyway. It's terrible to think of it this way, but cell phones, even smartphones, are designed to be disposables, to be replaced about every two years. A repair, if even possible, is likely to cost in the hundreds of dollars. And, you have to pay whether it can be fixed or not. Only you can decide if it would be worth it all!

BTW: If the phone has truly failed and you MUST retrieve vital data, there are data recovery services that can attempt to recover it from the dead phone's memory, if it is not corrupted or encrypted. The services are expensive (check online), but may be your last resort. This is why regular backing up of data is so important. All electronic gadgets eventually fail!
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