Some word document printed every time I turn on my printer My printer is OKIPAGE 10i installed on Windows XP. Every time I turn on my printer I get the same word document that I sent for printing a few days ago. I do not see it in the queue for printing (from Settings, Printers/Faxes). I deleted the specific document from my computer but yet it seems that the printer kept it in its memory and prints it every time I turn it on. How do I stop the printer from printing it? Please help!

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Agreed. The printer would appear to be holding this job. Have seen this on much newer kit but there is no way of deleting it. Even if you reset the eeprom that data will not be cleared. The only fix is a new main board and that's well obsolete. So unfortunately that's really the end of the printer. Wish I could of been of more help. one thought though have to tried it on another pc? If its the same then yes its the printer but if no then you need to delete everything in c:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS then Delete all of the .SPL and SHD files you find in this folder (do not delete the PRINTERS folder, just its contents)
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