SANDISK 32GB USB FLASH DRIVE I have a SanDiak and when I plug it into the USB port my system does not see it I am running win7 sp1 and have check all the updates . when I do a display of my computer the USB does not show and I am unable to read the flash drive. it is a 32gb I am unsure how to go about reading this usb do you have any input ... or other questions I could answer george

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06 Sep, 2017

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Things to try: -
1. Look in Control Panel/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management and see if it appears. Check the drive letter if not there changer it.
2. Unplug any eternal drives and then plug the disk in. I have experienced where the drive letter is reserved.
3. Try it in another computer particularly one that has an inbuilt reader.
4. If this fails download Testdisk and see if it recognised. You can fix boot sectors and bad sectors with this.
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