JVC AV-48WP30: CONVERGENCE PROBLEM!!! HELP!!! I woke up this morning with my Tv has shadowing pictures and the top left screen has waving red shadows. I checked the convergence and the green + and blue + are apart with each other, i tried moving it manually and all the right +(3,6,9) where properly aligned, +4 was aligned too but all the remaining esp the middle + (2,5,8) i cant move them using my remote arrow keys... can anybody help me solve my problem?..how to do the what they call AUTO convergence? help me the proper way to fix the problem. THANK YOU.

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U have convergence board issues. Sometimes over time the solder joints on the board go bad or develop minute breaks. U might try removing the board and resoldering every thing you can get it. U can also consider baking the board in an oven at around 270 degrees for about 8 minutes to melt all of the connections on the bottom of board.
Then remove, allow to cool, cross your fingers and see what happens.
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