Wont let me type bios password when i open my computer,the bios password screen pops up like usual, but it wont let me type in my password, when i re-booted my computer, the asterisks where the password would be in the password box where all there and my computer would start beeping repeatedly. Ive tried hitting the f2 and f6 keys but nothing happens.

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02 Dec, 2017

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SORRY ~ you did NOT include your model number! DANG IT I wish fixya would make that MANDATORY!

Now I must use a VERY broad brush to help!

Have a NEW and FRESH CR2032 Battery ready... because it's a dang shame to finally get access to the battery and not replace it with a new one!

1. Remove your laptop battery and power supply or AC connector.

IF YOU Break one of the TINY CMOS battery "retaining clips" and your MOTHER BOARD IS TOAST!

2. OPEN your Toshiba and CAREFULLY REMOVE your CMOS BATTERY... they usually look like a 50 cent piece. One clip (shown to the RIGHT in Photo 1) GENTLY pulls aside... the battery pops out. IF you feel the slightest resistance STOP and try the other clip!

Some CMOS batteries have tiny connectors and sometimes they are soldered in: See Photo 2 ONLY and also note the ACID leak!

Those tabs are spot-welded to the battery... Try your best to AVOID stress at the tab and mother board entry point. With GREAT CARE, the metal TABS on the battery body can be torn from the battery body. SOLDER your replacement battery to what is left of the tabs. This saves PULLING the entire mother board ~ NO FUN!

3. After removing the battery ~ With great care, touch or jumper the + Clip with the - Clip to help discharge any remaining voltages (in electrolytic capacitors).

4. Wait 5 minutes and jump the * and - clips again for a few moments.

5. Now install your FRESH battery and put things back together.

This SHOULD TOTALLY RESET your CMOS including your CMOS PASSWORD. It provides a fresh CMOS battery for your system! Be ready to set the DATE and TIME in your CMOS setup too.



CMOS 2-bs1zel5amfgfinwggzls12ee-2-1.jpg
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