Unable to detect my hard disk HM320HJ, after i m unable to detect my hard disk HM320HJ, after i m doing low level formatting using hdd low level format tool....

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09 Oct, 2016

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Hello, why did you perform a low formatting process on your hard drive?
Next time, no matter what happens again, do not rush to do any low format there to avoid any physical damages.
And now, plunge this hard drive to another computer and see whether this drive is still detectable there.
If it could be read well there, go back up all important data and go see whether there are some problems with your original PC. But, if this drive is still in RAW file system, not formatted or not initialized, merely go recover lost drive information with hard drive file recovery software before any format.
But, if this drive even could not be recognized on any computer or machine, it must be corrupted seriously. Go ask data recovery companies to take chances.
Good luck!
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