Strange emails in gmail lately have been receiving emails in my gmail acct from what first looks like contacts in my address book in gmail (yes real email addresses that I have Sent emails to from that gmail acct looking at full headers, it appears that emails are sent out to multiple emails at once ip address orginatiing from saudi arabia or middle east country, link enclosed in email takes you to site advertising products for sale Point is how did they get into my address book of people I have sent from gmail (no there is nothing ever posted on google or internet using this gmail acct?? Computer is Virus/Malware Free. For experts only-

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10 Apr, 2017

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Most likely someone you have sent an email to in the past has had their computer hacked, exposing your email address, and now your email address is on a distribution list.

Nothing you can really do about this but mark as spam and possibly set up a gmail filter with some consistent common feature in the subject or message to always send them to spam or trash.
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