Indesit WD11 Hi my idesit washing machine has been filling up with water and the dial seems to be moving but the clothes inside dont seem to be moving, the water is draining and seems to be coming in as well but i'm not sure if there is something wrong with it and what i can do about it. I've tried turning it off and back on again but nothing seemed to be changing so i decided to just leave it..but i dont think the clothes are being washed properly..Please help!

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22 Jun, 2017

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is the drum turning round. is it draining at end cycle ? if the motor is spinning is it slow at start turning left then right after a time or does it just spin when its on spin cycle ? can you hear a clicking sound when it about to move or hear a clicking sound and nothing moves ? if you hear a clicking but nothing is moving it could be the switch on the main board has worn out, it could even be the motor but if it does a spin it could just be the switch on the main board. they soldered in on the board you can replace them if you have soldering skills or would like to learn.
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