Hi, I will buy a used Takamine EG340SC-NS but the gain button works backwards Hi, I will buy a used Takamine EG340SC-NS but the problem is that when i went to tested i notice that the gain button works backwards. The min. level its the max. level, any body else have this problem? and the indicator light of "low battery" its on when i turned up the volumen level to the maximum, its this correct or a failure? This is crucial to buy the guitar because the seller tells me that its an origin failure and im not sure about that. The guitar its made in china and every time i more and more disappointed of this failures, please hel me! thanks . . .

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What probably happened is that somebody changed (or replaced) a volume control (commonly called a pot, short for "potentiometer," but got the two outside terminals swapped, as to how the wires attached. No big deal ... just swap the wires (WITH NO POWER ON, and no connection to any power sources or other equipment)!
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