Why does my bleach dispenser cup fill up with water every time I do a load of laundry? Top-Loading Samsung Washing Machine, model WA456DRHDWR. Bleach dispenser fills up completely with water during every load. Machine is only a month old. I've never used the bleach dispenser cup. The water just sits there, so I have to sponge it out each time. The machine is level, so that isn't the issue. I sure hope you can help, as I called Samsung, and they were totally clueless.

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13 Mar, 2017

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I agree with grady709 about the plugged inlet lines, I had water left in my Samsung front load all the time and made sure the machine level and nothing wrong with venturi. I suddenly had water leaking from somewhere instead and when I took the top off I could feel the line swell up and leak at the fitting. Hose still leaked after replacing. Put a drill bit by hand down the nozzle where the hose clamps on and it was plugged up and also the bleach line was plugged up, also inside where the tray goes there is small holes in the top where the water sprays out can be plugged. Worked for me. Live where the water is hard.
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