Only First Phone in the system will ring on incoming calls We purchased a Norstar ICS system with M7310 phones. One the first phone in the system will ring on incoming calls. I am looking for the manual on how to program the other extentions. The only one I found was for a 7316 phone. The layout is different and I do not have a "Show" button on the M7310 Phone. The Manual continually refers to the "Show" button. Is there a Manual for programming with the M7316?

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30 Jun, 2017

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The programming instructions refer to a paper "overlay" that labels the top four buttons on each side of the vertical LCD display... With a little practice you quickly get used to them and don't need the label.

Heading: top left, used to move "up" or out of a subheading (subheading is a Nortel term, think of it as opening another level of menu options)
Back: second from top left: Back: used to move back to a previous item in the same group (subheading).

Show: top right, used to do "down" into a subheading (item or group)

Next: second from right, under Show: used to move forward to next item in group or subheading.

The LCD arrows change to show available options at various levels.

These progamming mode buttons are similar on 7310 and 7316, but you need a phone with a a two-line upper display for programming (i.e. not a 7208).

To make other phones ring on incoming calls, you need to go into Config, then at Terminals&Sets, press Show (top right) , enter the extension you want to have ring, press Show again, next is Line Access, press Show, at Line Assignment, press Show, at Show Line press LIST softkey. Each line will be displayed with Ring, Appear and Ring, Ring Only, Unassigned.... press CHANGE softkey until you see Appear&Ring, then NEXT for next line, and repeat for each line.
If you select Ring Only, the line will ring on an Intercom button. Appear&Ring puts the line on a dedicated key.

There are many options and versions depending on your hardware and firmware version, so your menus may not be identical to the above, but this should get you through. Good luck!
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