Automatic transmission goes forward in reverse in 1991 subaru Legacy Replaced the transmission from my car with one that was supposed to be rebuilt or in good working condition. Dipstick was bent and couldn't even get it out. Pan must be bent because it leaked out over a quart of oil after I put it in. (It had new gasket on it and tightened) Now I have finished putting everything together and used my old pan and dipstick, started car, put into reverse (still on blocks) front car tires go forward and rear ones don't move. Put in drive and does nothing.

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21 May, 2017

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Try removing the shifter cable from the shifter arm on the transmission . Remove the arm from the shaft on the transmission and position the arm 180 degrees and install it back on the shaft. reconnect the shifter cable to the arm and see what is does then. Outside of that I don't know.
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