Ran my baja sc125 til it ran outta gas, filled it, now it wont start So, i just bought a used baja sc125. Everything was running fine for a few days. I was testing its fuel consumption capabilities, so i ran it til i ran out of gas. I then filled it again, and tried to start it but now its not starting. This is my first scooter so i'm not really sure where to start. Should i take apart my carb, or is there something else going on, like my starter or something else...any help on this would be awesome cause i need this thing to get around right now. Thanks.

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25 May, 2017

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Hi, Carlos if you have an old bike that has not had regular fuel system maintenance and you run the fuel tank dry I feel your pain. All the contaminants water-dirt-rust-liner paint flakes-ethanol sludge etc. that lived in the bottom of your fuel tank get mixed with the last few oz. of fuel left in the tank and enter the fuel system clogging up fuel filters-fuel valves-fuel lines-carburetor jets-needle jets and seats-fuel injectors etc. You fill up your fuel tank and guess what your bike does not start or if it does it runs like dog caca, a complete cleaning of the fuel system is mandatory, the procedure is as follows:
1. Drain the fuel tank and inspect the inside for leftover uninvited guests decontaminate as necessary for rusty environments install a liquid fuel liner.
2. In tank fuel pumps with external filters need to be cleaned.
3. Fuel valves need to be rebuilt with a new gasket kit.
4. Fuel lines need to be inspected for integrity and replaced as necessary any inline fuel filter should be cleaned or replaced.
5. Carburetors need to be disassembled then "DIPPED" and soaked in a commercial carb cleaning solution Gunk sells 1/2 gallon pails with meshed screen baskets. Reassemble using new rebuild kits. Record all jet sizes and float level for fine tuning.
6. Fuel injectors and fuel rails need to be properly cleaned and tested for optimum performance, if necessary send off any suspect injectors to "InjectorRx.com" for a modest fee they will refurbish the unit back to factory specs.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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