Vibration/ shaking at speeds above 90km/h hey my plymouth sundance has an issue i cannot diagnose and i need help. when i reach approximately 90km/h there is a vibraton/shaking throughout the car and steering wheel which worsens as you increase speed. i had the tires balanced and im still experencing the problem, any ideas?

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03 Mar, 2018

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The problem will be some where between the road wheels and the suspension mounts on the chassis. Here's a check list to try.
-Wheel rims. Balanced doesn't mean straight.
-Loose wheel bolts.
-Brake discs for warping, Pads for wear and calipers for sticky pistons or loose fit
-Hubs and bearings for wear.
-Ball joints for wear.
-Suspension mounts, top and bottom.
-Suspension swing arms at both ends.
Do this for the front AND the rear of the car.
If none of these are the issue you might have to get the drive shafts and transmission checked.
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