How to remove dacor RSE30 cooktop? I pulled the oven light assembly out thinking I had to do that to be able to replace the light bulb. Now realize the cover pops off but now can't get the light assemble back into the oven roof so am trying to remove the cooktop cover to get at the light assembly and pull it back up. I have removed the front covers and can see where the light assembly is supposed to go but can't get to it and assume I need to remove the cook top. If there is a better way I'd like to know that as well. Thank you.

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Ya know... J Muehl,

There's always a better way...
That's the fun of procrastination... but
there are also kind folks that want to sell parts...

I'm looking at you part... it shows a SPRING that
is completely consistent with re-installing it as you
describe (simple push in (unless you fubar'd it
yanking it out... (Approx $28... see below))

In pursuit of that AUGUST goal they provide video support...

Looks like endless hours of entertainment...

They don't like your model number...
14 others to choose from.
  • RSE-368
  • RSE3-36W
  • RSE37BAF5
  • RSE37BAL1
  • RSE37BAL2
  • RSE37BAL3
  • RSE37BAL4
  • RSE37BAL5
  • RSE37BAW0
  • RSE37BAW1
  • RSE37BAW2
  • RSE37BAW3
  • RSE37BAW4
  • RSE37BAW5
  • Hope this helps.

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    Light Socket 316116400

    Carnac the Magnificent
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