Reebok z8 feels like its on an incline even when it's on zero incline reebok z8 feels like its on an incline even when it's on zero incline

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Is there a certain procedure for calibrating the incline motor for my reebok z8 running machine.
If so can you send me a copy please?
Its driving me bananas.
First of all I bought it second hand and the guy says the incline was working when he sold me it.
But its not.When the running machine is on and incline rises from 1 -12,but doesnt move..
I've taken the cover off aIn pic 1 i came across the bottom micro switch switch in the on position.
When I released the switch by lifting it up past the switch actuator,it decided to go again only when i started adjusting the potentiometer.
I started with some help from my son,when he adjusted the incline button on the panel it may have went up to 8 or 9 incline and then decided to keep going...
i switched it off in time before it loosened itself off the machine..
I adjusted the pot up and down slowly clockwise and anti clockwise hoping to get it set right but it drove me does do each section from 1 to 2 ..3 to 4 etc but when it gets past 6 it keeps going too far incline and doesnt stop!!
i measured the pot and it seems fine..goes from 0-10ohms ok..
i need to know if there is a set up procedure
I am assuming also the two micro switches are emergency or am i wrong..
i have sent you some exrtra photos of it and I d appreciate if you could help me out..i cant run on it when its dead flat (seemingly your'e not supposed too ..)
Ive set it above the end line at the bottom so hopefully i can run better at this stage but id like to get it going for myself..
please help
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