Replaced ignition switch vehicle will not start appears to be computer code I replaced the ignition switch because key would not turn. New ignition will not allow key to come out or vehicle to turn over. Is there a computer related code which I must enter via the radio. It appears that the anti theft device my have locked up which is causing the problem.

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06 Mar, 2018

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Is there a computer related code which I must enter via the radio ??? You don't enter anything through the radio !!!!! Having factory service repair info so you can read how the anti-theft system works an a scan tool to pull DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes is the proper way to diagnose .
The theft deterrent system has been incorporated into the body control module (BCM). The theft deterrent is provided in order to prevent the vehicle operation if the correct key is not used in order to start the vehicle. The ignition key turns the lock cylinder. The cylinder rotation produces an analog voltage code in the Passlock™ sensor. This voltage code is received by the BCM. The BCM compares the voltage code to the previously learned voltage code. If the codes match, a class 2 message is sent from the BCM to the powertrain control module (PCM)/vehicle control module (VCM). The message enables the fuel injectors.
The design of the Passlock™ system is to prevent vehicle theft by disabling the engine unless the ignition lock cylinder rotates properly by engaging the correct ignition key. The system is similar in concept to the PASS-Key® system. However, the Passlock™ system eliminates the need for a key mounted resistor pellet. The components of the Passlock™ system are as follows:
• The ignition lock cylinder
• The ignition switch
• The Passlock™ sensor
• The Body control module (BCM)
• The security telltale
• The vehicle/powertrain control module (VCM/PCM)

Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop.
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