2003 Lincoln LS hot air while stopped cold while driving After having my condensor disconnected after a radiator replacment job, I had my vehicle's AC system vaccumed and recharged by a friend who works at one of the major local dealerships. My AC now only works when driving. If I am stopped it blows warm air NOT hot. As soon as I begin to drive or if I rev the engine above 1000 RPM while stopped it will blow Ice cold air. I have checked the compressor and it is engaging while stopped but yet no cold air?? Cooling fan is also running normally while stopped. Really confused.

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09 Jul, 2012

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Based on what you have said and my 30 years a Ford dealer tech I believe you have a slightly low AC system refrigerant charge due to a small leak at the AC compressor or the AC line connections. I would have a shop hook up a set of gauges to monitor the pressures at idle and see just how low it is. DO NOT ADD UNTIL YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IS NEEDED, YOU CAN LOCK UP THE COMPRESSOR.
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