How much volvo s40 2012 price ? The new Volvo S40 is an angle compact hatchback car, that convinces through its successful design, new security technologies, fuel-efficient engines and a little surprisingly also distinctive driving dynamics. The five-door comes from July to Germany and will cost 6-liter gasoline engine (110 kW/150 PS) from 24.680 euros in the cheapest version as T3 with 1. For only 300 euro more, the D2 is to have its 1, 6 L diesel (84 kW/115 HP) with its standard usage of 3.6 litres (94 g CO2) convinced. In addition to the two initial replacing the Sweden from the start three more drives offer: the 2, 0 liters there are two performance variants with 110 kW/150 HP (D3 - off 26.280 euro) or 130 kW/177 HP (D4 - 28.980 euros). The for the time being most powerful gasoline engine (T4) developed from 1.6 L 132 kW/180 HP and at least 26,980 euros. At the end of the year, the strongest variant, the 2 that 5-liter turbo gasoline engine produces 187 kW/254 HP follows with the T5. In addition, the Sweden plan a higher set Cross-Country variant with all-wheel drive, which will celebrate its premiere at the Paris Show in the autumn. All engines have a six-speed manual transmission and start stop system. Large 2, 5-litre petrol engine is only with a six-speed automatic delivered, which is available for some of the other engines at an additional cost (1,800 euros) available.

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01 Mar, 2017

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