Modem is dead in t3985 This machine has an ethernet port and a modem port beside the usb ports all on same panel. Can I replace the old modem with a new one and how do I do that, and which one do I purchase to replace it?

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10 Jul, 2012

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Do you have an Ethernet cable going to the Ethernet port on that card? (LAN)
If this is the case just install an Ethernet Card.

Let's see,.......eMachines T3985 Desktop PC........................
Uses an Intel D845GVHZ motherboard,

Please click on the photo of the motherboard to enlarge.
Looking to the left you will see 3 long White slots. These are PCI slots.
(PCI expansion slot)

These are the only expansion slots you have.
If one is open you can use it to install a PCI Ethernet Card.

Using the example, that you have two of the white PCI slots filled, and could install the Ethernet Card, but one of the cards in the slot needs to be moved;

In order to do so;

You can move those two cards to any of the three white PCI slots. Move them so you can install the Ethernet card, also.
BIOS will assign a new Interrupt Address for them ]

This is an example of an Ethernet Card. I advise getting one that has 10/100/1000 Mbps capability, such as this example,
(Mega bits per second)

Looking at the front of the computer the Left side panel removes.
Two thumbscrews are loosened, (Not supposed to come out), and the Side Panel is slid back, and off.

Or slid back so far, then removed from the side.

(This style has two, or more metal Tangs, that protrude from the Side Panel. The tangs have a hooked end on the tip.
These tangs slip into individual slots in the metal computer case.

The hooked tip portion of the tang has to clear the slot, in order to remove the Side Panel.
This is why the Side Panel only slides back so far.
Push the Side Panel forward just a little, then bring it straight out from the side)

BEFORE reaching into your computer!
Unplug it from power. FOLLOW Anti-Static Precautions.

Anti-Static Precautions:
Your body carries Static electricity. Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit), the delicate hardware components inside a computer.
Relieve your body of Static Before reaching inside your computer.

Computer on a table, computer unplugged from power, computer case open.
TOUCH an unpainted surface, of the metal frame of the open computer case.
This action will relieve your body of Static.
This way your computer is safe.

If you leave your computer in the middle of working on it, be SURE to Touch the metal case again upon your return.

Each add-on card that goes into those white PCI slots, has a metal bracket. The metal bracket on the add-on card, is mounted to the metal frame of the computer case, at the back of the computer case.

One Philips head screw holds the bracket to the computer's metal frame.
If you need to remove, or move an add-on card that is presently in a PCI slot, remove the Philips head screw, then ease the add-on card straight up, and out.

Notice I said Ease.
Most of the time they are stuck in the slot, pretty well.
I ease up on the metal bracket side a little, then the opposite side of the add-on card a little, then back, and forth until it comes up, and out. Don't tilt it too much, but a little is okay.

To install, line the locating notch on the Ethernet Card, (Or any add-on card), with the Locating Lug, in the bottom of the PCI slot.
Install the Ethernet Card straight down. Push it straight down in the slot.
You may have to adjust, (Rock) the card, so that the hole in the metal bracket, will line up with the threaded hole in the metal computer frame. Then install the Philips head screw.

Plug the Ethernet Cable into the Ethernet Card. Close the computer case.

1) NIC = Network Interconnection Card
= Ethernet Card
2) Graphics card and Video card are the same thing.

{BIOS will automatically find the Ethernet Card, when you turn the computer on. No need to go into BIOS Setup}

(Poor guy. You are supposed to pull UP on the locking lever, for the graphics card to remove it, not DOWN. Oops! Did I say that out loud? lol!)

For additional questions please post in a Comment.
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