My 99 dodge durango has a 'no bu5' code on the mileage abd it wont start at all. how do i fix this? I was driving my 99 dodge durango one day and it just shut off. the engine will turn over but wont start at all and it has a full tank of gas and its showing that it doesnt have any gas atl all. nor does the gauges work on the dash. all of them are to the left when ever i turn the key aas if im not turning the key at all. please help

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06 Nov, 2017

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No bus message on the instrument cluster mean's there is a serial data bus problem . All the module's (computers) on your vehicle are connected on the CCD data network . They share information on the network . A shorted bus wire , a module malfunctioning an bring down the network can cause modules not to send and receive data which would cause a no start .
CCD Chrysler Collision Detection Data Bus
008 Chrysler CCD Communications
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