No matter what cycle I run, it stops at 1 minute and the door lock does not turn off(but the door is unlocked), how do I fix this? It is a funny thing. I turn the machine on and it is defaulted to drain and 1 minute, the door lock light is on. However, the door does open fine. I can start a single cycle of laundry and it works fine until the last minute. It begets becomes zero. However it does stop and shows END. Even though lock is on, the door is unlocked. Now if I need to interrupt the cycle, the dreaded OD pops up and the door is permanently locked. The only way to get around it is to enter service mode, drain any water, and then chime(unlock door after 20 seconds). After that, it works as long as you don't mess with it. My biggest issue, I have a son who found out that, even with child lock on, the power button still works. With this od issue, we are not able to resume the cycle. It(not my sons, well maybe my son) is driving me crazy. Any help is appreciated.

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08 Jul, 2012

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