DVD Playback is only Black & White Player has worked brilliantly ever since I bought. Whilst playing a DVD the other night I hit something on the remote (I don't know what!) that switched the picture to black and white and now I can't switch it back to colour. I have upgraded the software (from Toshiba Australia website) and reloaded the multiregion firmware, but with no luck. I can play all my dvd's, from all regions, but only in black and white! Anything I Google suggests that either it's plugged in wrong or the region is wrong, but it happened during play and there is nothing wrong with the component cables, and it is set to play all region DVD's. But even the Australian DVD's won't play in colour. The picture is also black and white from a memory stick. The TV is fine and in full colour, it's definitely something with the DVD player.

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13 Mar, 2017

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Different areas use different colour systems. The most common types being PAL and NTSC. What I think you might have done is changed the colour type setting to one that is not compatible with your TV. If you have the manual look up the colour settings. If you haven't got the manual look around the main menu for them. If all else fails use the factory reset.
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