Can you please tell me where the timer is located on the kitchenaid superba side by side refrigerator

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08 Jul, 2012

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there isn't a timer in your machine,you have a computer board or an adaptive defrost board,open the fridge door,on top where the controls are the board is in there,also look on the right hand wall on the fridge side up near the ceiling and you'll see a tag with the full model number,25 different machines showed up with the number you sent,go here and look at part number 6 this is your board new part number W10351625 this is the newest number and fits all kitchenaids.also check the defrost thermostat located on top of the evap coil,if it has a white plastic ring around the top of it and it's lifted up then this is your problem,when you have a defrost problem it's not a bad idea to change out the t-stat too,if you remove the front bottom kickpanel there should be a tech sheet on the panel or taped on the wall,this will tell you how to manually put the machine into defrost,you'll know if it goes into defrost when the evap fan in the freezer stops and the compressor shuts down,with the back inside freezer wall removed see if the heater comes on,if it doesn't,unplug the machine,cut the two wires going to the t-stat and connect them bypassing the t-stat,put it back into defrost,if the heater comes on the t-stat is bad part 2321799 ,or if you have a meter you can read out the heater and t-stat,you have a calrod heater in your model and they hardly ever go,if you bypass the t-stat and the heater doesn't come on change out the t-stat and the computer board.if it was a bad t-stat leave the heater on and with a hair dryer melt out all the ice,the heater will help you.good luck
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