NEW MacBookPro crashes! I just bought a new macbookPro and it has crashed on three different programs; won't download the manual from online (get the beach ball) and makes a sound when power-ing u Crashed first on Microsoft Document connection; then while trying to download the manual; also had problem in Word. Only downloaded firefox. Bought on Tuesday, added some software Wednesday, doesn't even work. Makes noise when powers on that I've never heard on another mac and I've used many over the years thru work.

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The two "whirring" noises that you hear on power up is normal. The beauty of having a new macbook is you can reinstall the software very easily and a fresh install should fix your problem. Put the disk that came with the machine into the disk drive and turn the computer off. Turn it back on and press and HOLD the "alt" button until you are given the option of booting from your hard drive or your disk. Choose the disk and when it boots up, FIRST go to disk utility and verify the hard drive. If it comes back with no problems, proceed with the fresh install of the system by following the prompts on the disk.
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