The lights on my odometer won't light up Yesterday evening my speedometer in my 04 Chevy Suburban decided they did not want to illuminate. The radio and sensor lights work, but I cannot see the speed on the dashboard past dusk. I am not sure if it is a fuse issue or what? I read the manual but did not see any troubleshooting pointers for this, nor the location of the fuses [unless they are serious when it notes that I may have to disconnect & remove the battery and then look for a panel behind the engine as well as internally to remove a few screws to check into the dashbord??? sounds crazy work for fuses]..I am used to vehicles with fuses either directly to the left of the drivers seat or right under the hood on the front drivers side. Please help??? Thanks!

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25 Mar, 2017

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Bulb is bad , no fuse problem . need to pull instrument cluster to replace the bulb . How To replace Instrument Panel Light Bulbs 2000 06 Chevy Suburband and...
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