1983 Honda GL 1100 Aspencade Gold Wing instrument cluster does not work I have a 1983 Honda Goldwing Aspencade GL1100 with a digital instrument cluster. Only the turn signals work. What can I do to repair the problem? All other indicators, RPM, Speedometer, trip meter and odometer don't work. @

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21 Nov, 2017

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Hi, Anonymous if some or all of your instrument cluster goes dark/blank immediately upon startup or a few minutes later riding down the road the usual suspects are:
1. Blown instrument fuse.
2. A bad ground in the instrument circuit.
3. Faulty wiring before or after the fuse.
4. Faulty wiring or connector between the fuse and the instrument cluster.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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