Acer Aspire 5738-6444 overheats Works fine for simple applications but then turn on Warcraft or multiple windows and the laptop shutsdown without warning. The bottom gets very hot to the touch. Is there a software fix, (ie; turning off unused apps or programs at boot, checking a box that turns something to low power usage, ect.) that i can do or is it mostly all dust related?

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07 Jul, 2012

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With those units, if you were to remove the bottom, you'd see that most of the air slots don't really connect to the fan, they're dummies. Make sure you keep your exhaust fins extremely clean and use a laptop holder with a really good fan or two built in to help blow cool air onto the bottom of your laptop. You can also (if you feel like you know what you are doing) replace the thermal paste that Acer put on the CPU and Graphics chip with something like Arctic Silver to help with the heat dissipation. Good luck!!!
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