Electrical problems in a 2000 jeep grand cherokee i have a 2000 jeep grand cherroke larado and i have had nothing but problems with it. all gauges shoot to nothing and the security light comes on. this happens usually only in the mornings. it will even up and die sometimes but turns back on right away. ive gotten my skim module replaced already... worked for a week then had the same issue... then i now have the air bag light beep amd come one about every 10 seconds when i drive. its really annoying. also i always hear my windows locking and unlocking. now i just took it to the dealer again and they replaced the body control module.. 99miles into driving it, the airbag light came on again. then the next morning the security and windows did the same thing again. now because of all this money i have footed into it, i have taken matters into my own hands to research. i came up with codes p1685 1686 1687 and 1688. looking online it all says skim system. alright well i can have the dealer look into it again but what is the issue with the airbag light when nothing shows up for it. if anyone has had these same problems please tell me what you did to get it fixed! thanks!!!

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04 Mar, 2017

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You could find a service information system like alldata an pay less then $20 bucks for a year . Check out wiring diagrams an test all the power an ground circuits for the affected componets . Voltage drop test all the circuits , Read how these system function . There are plenty good electrical training videos on youtube . You need to learn the basic's Basic Electricity for Service Techs Ohm law Current Flow Opens Shorts

Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know

read how chrysler SKIM Chrysler anti theft system Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice Ricks Free Auto... work ! How to fix automobiles , train , train an more training . The Trainer 32 How To Read An Automotive Block Wiring Diagram ...

Testing is the key , electrical trouble shooting ! Not guessing .
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