High idle after having battery changed I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey that was having trouble starting. It would start but seemed to be slow to start. I took it to my local Auto Zone and then as a double check took it to my local Advanced Auto and had the alternator, starter, and battery checked. On both occasions, I was told it was a bad battery. Due to the cost difference, I took my car to Wal-Mart and purchased and battery and had it installed. When I picked up my car the car seemed to not be driving as it usually did. The brakes were difficult to press and stop the car and the gas peddle was easier than usual. Once I got the car home and turned of the ignition and removed the key I realized the car was still powering down even after the key had been removed from the ignition. I restarted the car to see if it would do it again and discovered the engine was idling at 2500 rpm and it continued to climb to 3000 rpm and held steady there. I then turned off the AC and radio and it climbed to 3500 rpm and remained there. Other than a battery replacement there were no other problems with the car. Can you tell me what happened and what I can do to fix it?

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04 Mar, 2017

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Most place's that replace batterys hook up a alternative power supply ! Don't lose radio pre sets no other computer problems etc... Battery Disconnect or Replacement Problems
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