Unplugged frig overnite once I plugged back in made a gurgeling sound whenever I opened the door what would that be? I have Amana frig BCI21V1W frig on top freezer on bottom. Sunday noticed frig was warm Freezer was fine. Started reading online as to what the problem could be. Evryone said to see if there were frost on the back wall of freezer and there was. I unplugged it overnite. Next day cleaned out excess water from freezer and replugged the unit. Nothing not a sound about 45 minutes later fans were running and cold air was running from the freezer and the frig. So I let it run again overite I also would move the button in the freezer in frig up a number every 4 or 5 hours. THe frig and freezer are still cold. This morning in the back of the fridge I heard a gurgeling noise just for a few seconds then it would stop. It seemed everytime I opened either the frig or the freezer door and then shut it I would hear the gurgle noise but it seemed to get less and less. What is that noise? Is this a noise I should get alarmed about?

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10 Mar, 2017

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Usually that is caused by a bad defrost heater thermostat or defrost timer. Failure to automatically defrost is the cause of freezing up.
If you don't feel up to doing the work yourself you should have an appliance repair shop look at it.

The gurgling is caused by water in the catch pan under the fridge. When you defrosted it some of the water made it into the drip pan (and maybe overflowed onto the floor). The fan inside the compressor area under and behind the freezer may be splashing in the excess water in the drip pan. This by itself is not a real problem since it is designed to automatically evaporate the water drained during automatic defrosting, but the excess water and potential overflow onto the floor can become a problem.
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