Power steering issues Steering wheel turns hard, then easy, then hard, then easy. It's as though the power steering comes in and out while turning the steering wheel. Car was sitting for a month with electrical problems, but the steering worked fine when it broke down. Replaced steering pump, but this did nothing. Does this while turning steering wheel in either direction. Jacked front wheels off the ground and although easier to turn, still felt the power steering coming in and out as I turned the wheel. Shut engine off, and I can hear gurgling noises coming from the steering rack under vehicle while turning wheel. No fluid leaks. Can't get the car inspected because of this. A friend told me the steering rack was bad. If this is so....I give up !! I think this car beat me this time. Any ideas ?

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06 Jul, 2012

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The problem you are having with hard steering is the most common symptom of a failed power steering rack and opinion steering gear. Make sure when you replace it to flush the system thoroughly with clean fluid as the debris from the old gear can ruin the new one along with the PS pump you just replaced.
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