Can't Open QBs file after computer upgrade My computer died and I now have a new one. The new computer has the version of Windows 7 that will run the older software that ran on XP (I had XP Professional). Of the two hard drives from the old computer, one is in the new computer. This is the drive where I stored all my files. The other one is unreadable, so I don't know what was on it. I have reinstalled QuickBooks Pro 2007, and tried to open my file. It says that I don't have access rights. I created a dummy file and installed all the updates, rebooted, and tried to open the file, but with the same result. I've tried opening the file both from within QBs as well as from the file itself, but with the same result. Any help will be MUCH appreciated!

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no rights means that you have to share it or change its attributes (under win7).
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