Chrysler Crossfire will crank but not start. It starts fine when it's cold, but after driving around or making multiple stops, it will not start again. I have already changed the fuel pump relay It will start fine cold, but after I have turned the engine off and try to restart again after it has warmed up, it will crank fine, but not start. I can hear the fuel pump fine when I turn the key on. All lights come on. All other functions work. Once it restarts, it will have a check engine light for about three days before it disappears. This problem occurs once or twice a week. My mechanic does not have the proper tool to pull the trouble codes on this vehicle. It is a random problem and I never know when it is going to happen other than after I have run the car a few times.

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21 Apr, 2017

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You can check codes on these without a scan tool ! surprised your mechanic doesn't know this ! Put the key in the ingition , turn it on then off , then on , then off then on again an leave it on . Then look at where the odometer is , will show P codes .
Flash Check Engine Light Codes Dodge Chrysler Jeep
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