I have no sound new speakers, just no sound is there a download

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05 Jul, 2012

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Oh, did you want it? lol!

The download you need is a DRIVER.
A driver is a small piece of software, that allows the Operating System, to communicate with a device.

Some O/S examples are Windows XP, and Windows 7.
The device in this case is your audio chipset on the motherboard.

MSI Support > MSI 645E Combo motherboard > Download > Drivers,


There it is.
Hey, with this fur coat on, the heat, and can't keep track of anything in the jungle around here,....I had to look hard,.....

Scroll the page slightly up. Look where it states in bold letters -

Look underneath it. In that rectangular shape with the monitor icon, and the white OS.
In the middle, in the box, it states XP 32.

That is for Windows XP, and the 32-bit version.
The normal Home Edition or Pro Edition, or Multimedia version.
If you have a 64-bit version, you will know it.

If your Operating System on your computer is Not Windows XP (32-bit), click on the blue Down Arrow to the right of XP 32.
In the drop down list, click on THE operating system you are using.

Going to use the default page that automatically comes up, when you first come to this website -> XP 32

Scrolling down you will see the file heading ->
Realtek ALC Series AC97 Audio Driver.

Where it states -> Download, click on the blue -

{This is a Zip file. A zip file is a compressed file, and used to send large amounts of information more easily.

The file (Driver) has to be 'unzipped'.
If you do not have a Zip program, like WinZip, then I suggest downloading, and installing, the free 7-Zip,

http://www.7-zip.org/download.html ]

After you click on the blue Realtek_AC97_MB.zip,
file name, you are taken to another page.
Click on the name of the country nearest yours.

A small window will come up on the right -
Opening Realtek_AC97_MB.zip

Make sure the circle to the left of Save File, has a green dot in it.
If not left-click in the empty circle to the left of Save File.
Now go below in the small window, and click on OK.

Another small window will come up. This time on the left.
In the heading at the top of the window, tells you where the file will download to.
You may wish to write it down.

It may have Desktop, or My Documents, or Downloads, in the wording. (For XP. Vista and Win 7 is slightly different)

Desktop: The driver file will be on your desktop screen.

My Documents: Click on Start, then on My Documents. The file will be there.

Downloads: Click on Start, then on My Documents. DOUBLE-click on Downloads.

When you see the file name DOUBLE-click on it.
The Installation Wizard will appear.
Simply click on Next, Next, and Finish, at the bottom of the three small windows.

If you are not asked to restart your computer, close all windows, go back to your desktop screen, and restart your computer.
(Start > Turn Off Computer > Restart )

For additional questions please post in a Comment.
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