2002 Dodge Grand Caravan - A/C blows cold in back, but not in front I just did a self-recharge on my refrigerant, and have found that the back is blowing cool air but the front is not. I can hear the compressor kicking on, but no length of time gets the front blowing cool. When I turn off the A/C, or the vehicle, there's a sort of slow hiss/wheeze that comes from the front vents as it spins down.

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Blower motor not working , do you feel an air movement out the front vent's ? ( I just did a self-recharge on my refrigerant ) Too much of a charge can work as not enough of a charge . The back or AUX HVAC system works off the same compressor as the front . The noise you hear is just refrigerant moving through the system . Temp .door actuator maybe . Your best bet ,mite be to take to a qualified repair shop. Doesn't sound like you know about automotive A/C systems . .
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