2004 Yamaha V-Star Classic 650. The bike will only start when choke is pulled all the way out and then will die after about a minute or so of running. bike will die if put into gear and given a litt I don't know if it is a carb issue, or a gas issue or something more serious.Any help is appreciated

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Hi, Jblind3 and the usual suspects are:
1. Fuel cap or fuel tank is not venting properly.
2. Fuel filter clogged.
3. Fuel line pinched or kinked.
4. Float needle and seat sticking.
5. Float level too low.
6. Carburetor bowl vent line clogged/blocked/pinched.
7. Idle adjusting screw set too low.
8. Air/fuel mixture screw set too lean.
9. Idle port, transfer ports, slow air jet clogged.
10. Slow fuel jet clogged.
11. Faulty fuel pump.
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